Something I can never stress enough to my clients is their wardrobe choices is what makes their portraits gorgeous. You could have amazing lighting and scenery, but the individuals in the portrait are wearing cut up jeans, a crop top, or a t shirt, a button up, you get the picture... no one is matching and it is not flattering. So let's avoid that with some pointers for families of 5 or less! 

The biggest struggles families seem to have is color scheme of outfits. Usually I suggest to just pick a neutral-toned color and just do each person in a different shade. If you want some patterns and to have different colors then I suggest one person wears a pattern, Mom or Dad and try to go for big stripes, or florals, plaid is a good choice too, try to choose something with different colors in it so you're not all wearing the same colors and looking too un-natural with how much you all match in the same solid color or pattern. Keep in mind that thin-lined patterns tend to create a distortion and gives an optical illusion look in your portrait sometimes. The family below did great on their wardrobe choices and color scheme! However, in Mom's skirt you can see a little of the distortion I am referring to from the small pattern. Regardless, their portraits were still gorgeous, just something to keep in mind when outfit shopping! 

  • Neon colors like coral, hot pink, neon yellow
These color choices will create a color cast on your skin from the sun and they just won't make for a flattering image though I love all of these colors any other time! I know it seems weird, but our clothes act as reflectors, like the people you see on movie sets holding a big white screen near-by... that's to help bounce light off to brighten the face of the subject being filmed or capture. Well your clothes act the same way. I have had many sessions where someone was wearing coral and the individual as well as family members close by had a pink tone to their skin from the sun reflecting off of it.

  • T-shirts or anything with a logo
  • Ripped up jeans
  • Crop tops
  • Dresses or skirts short than your mid-thigh
  • Shirts revealing too much cleavage
  • Hats, unless for a prop for a few photos
  • Dirty sneakers
  • Foam Flip Flops

Below are just a few of my favorite female styles off Amazon. I would wear a nice pair of sandals or flats with any of these. Click the image to be directed to Amazon.

For the guys I normally just suggest a button up and khakis or nice jeans and nice shoes. If you need more assistance, I am always available via text message to help you with some more outfit suggestions! 

Family Wardrobe Tips




wardrobe tips for families

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