Always wanted to book a mini session but skeptical of the price vs amount of time???
In this post I will go over why I love mini sessions for families, and what a mini is like from start to finish. 






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First, I want to start off by saying why I love running mini sessions. I have captured hundreds upon hundreds of mini sessions and the number one reason why I love them so much is because of my client's post session reaction when they view their galleries. The immediate reaction is usually "Wow!! These are amazing!! I can't believe all that you captured in a short amount of time!!" That is simply because I am a planner. Everything I do is planned out. From the informational and helpful emails you receive prior to your mini session to the poses and angles I do during your session. Every gallery is almost identical, with the exception of a maternity mini vs a family mini or an engagement session, etc. Each session type has their own pre-planned poses cued up in my head. I'll admit though, sometimes I have an ADD moment and my mind goes blank, but I bring back focus and continue on with the flow of the session.

The reason why my mini sessions generally run to be about 15 minutes is because that's all I usually need! Over the last 4.5 years of running mini sessions, I've run mini sessions in 20 or 30 minute intervals and found myself finishing each group earlier than planned because everything is pre-planned. Over time I started offering them in 15 minute intervals and found that that was the perfect amount of time to have it be quick and efficient for my clients and their little ones, yet still deliver 30-60 retouched images in their galleries, depending on how many individuals were in the session and the type of session.

Speaking of little ones... studies show that toddlers have an attention span of 15 minutes...I swear this applies to most adults, myself included hahaha! When I started out only offering full one-hour sessions I realized how antsy everyone in the family would get, and get antsy like 20-30 minutes into the session! My mini sessions bounce from spot to spot not only offering different backdrops and positions for your portraits but also keeping the attention of the group and not taking 10-15 minutes in one spot like other photographers. 

So what is it like during a mini session with me?
Simple. EASY! Especially because I help prep you and your family in advance for your session with emails and posts like this one ;)

So let's start at the booking process:
When booking you will first be prompted to choose your date and time.

Once your date is chosen, then you will receive a quote where you will build and submit your package. Once the quote is submitted then you receive your invoice and contract via email. It is important to check your spam and confirm that my emails aren't being directed into your spam or junk file.
30% deposit is due at the time of booking to confirm your scheduled time.
Once you are all scheduled you will receive confirmation emails with helpful articles, like this one, to prepare you for your mini session.
Details regarding exact location with maps will also be included in these emails.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your mini session, I may have had a cancellation or might be running ahead of schedule. Families with older children tend to get through all the poses and spots in about 10-12 minutes rather than 15 so I am usually running ahead of schedule towards the end of the minis

Once you arrive, we "dive right in" and I set you and your family up in the first spot and pose. As I stated above the flow of the session is almost effortless. I place you in a pose and make sure that every detail is as perfect as can be!

Within a week of your session you will receive your fully retouched watermarked gallery where you will be able to view, download and purchase additional image downloads as well as purchase products like prints, wall art, and holiday cards. 

If you are looking to order holiday cards, my holiday cards are custom ordered. Templates along with multiple options of card stock and envelopes are available to choose from. There is also an option to have them addressed for you so your address and your return address is already on the envelope ready to be stamped and mailed. Creating a complete stress-free holiday portrait experience.