Photographs are memories frozen in time forever. Whenever I visit my parents house I immediately head over to the photo albums to relive my childhood, or look back at my parents and grandparents memories. Photographs are all we have to be remembered by. My products are produced by Miller's Professional Imaging. The highest quality hand-crafted products that are guaranteed to last for generations. 

External storage is very important, I can't tell you how many clients have contacted me crying that they lost wedding memories or family portraits that include members that are no longer around. They save their images to their computer hard drive and eventually their computer crashes, and just like that, all memories lost. External storage in a fire-safe box is the best way to guarantee the storage of your memories. My thumb drives are hand-crafted wood and glass with personalized engraving. External storage is great, but somewhere along the way of the digital revolution, we as a society have lost sight of the importance of physical print products of our precious memories. Digital copies of such beautiful memories are incredible to share online with your family and friends. However, nothing can replace coming home everyday to your best memories hanging on the wall, or snuggling on the couch looking through your wedding album or children's newborn albums. 

I believe that your photos should not just live on a thumb drive or inside of a social media gallery. After all, you invested so much to have an  experienced, professional photographer document your memories.
Now is the time to show them off! 

Thank you again for choosing me to document your special memories! I had a wonderful time getting to know you and documenting your memories, whether I was capturing your engagement and wedding memories or family members. I'm super excited that you're considering purchasing a product. Whether it's external storage, or the highest-quality flat lay albums, prints and wall art to beautifully decorate your home. 

Through out our 5 years of shooting weddings we have received quite a few complaints from brides whom we've never met before. They would approach us with something like " OMG I booked a photographer and after our engagement session I realized we're not a good fit for each other. But now I am stuck in a contract with them."  We've always felt so bad for these sweet brides because photography & videography is not something you want to be unhappy with on your wedding day! 

That's when we decided to create a system that allows us to work together before having to make that big decision of booking your photographer.  We are proud to say 90% of brides who tried us out, have booked us for their wedding. The difference is, this time they KNOW for sure that they won't be disappointed on their wedding day!! 

Hi! We're Katie & Floyd.  A  husband and wife powerhouse duo specializing in  luxury wedding photography & videography.  When we're not running our full time wedding business you can find us chasing around our three littles! We love adventure and are willing to travel, where ever that takes us. 



Once you receive your online gallery is delivered you will receive the option shop in your gallery store where we will talk about your favorite images and help you best spend your print credit. We will help you pick out the best products tailored to the decorative style of your home as well as your specific tastes. After the reveal session we will prepare your selections for the printing process and then ship them out to you within four weeks.  All products include free shipping and satisfaction guarantee.