Preparing for the perfect sparkler exit

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Sparkler exits are one of my parts of a wedding day to capture! They are beautiful, and a great way to end your reception smoothly compared to the DJ saying good night, and your reception room being quiet and filled with the sounds of farewells and your venue cleaning up.

It definitely can be a little tough to gather your guests and line them up, especially at the end of the night…but I’ve got the Italian mama voice inside me and I know how to get the attention of a crowd with it. A few fellow photographers I have worked with in the past have always said that they dread the sparkler exit for that reason exactly. They have to speak up and coordinate a large group, and some photographers just aren’t made out for that. I never have issues, so my couples always get the perfect shot ;)

The three biggest tips for sparkler exits to go smoothly is to purchase the 36 inch stem sparklers, as well as PLENTY of lighters, and make sure your venue not only allows sparkler exits, but that they have an area big enough for it.
You can find the correct size sparklers here
Lighters: 1 lighter for every 2 guests so that everyone is lighting at the exact same time.
I have experienced weddings where the Bride’s purchased the regular sparklers, and you can’t see them in the portraits, or they run out before the couple is even down the aisle. I also have seen it where there’s 3-4 lighters for 100 guests and we’re passing the lighter down the line, and rushing around to light everyone's sparkler and it just becomes a chaotic mess. Having the 36 inch stems and a lighter for every 2 guests, plus an experienced photographer, like myself are all you need to have the picture perfect sparkler exit! 
I also found these super cute sparkler sleeves that include match!