Preparing for your engagement portraits can be stressful, but I'm here to ease that stress so you that you show up to your engagement session confident and prepared with knowledge so you both rock the hell out of it! ;)

95% of the time my couples have never even been in front of a camera, and when they have, it was for family portraits and not engagement portraits with just one person.
Engagement photography is very different from family photography.

My style photography is a happy medium between posed and candid, however with my engagement sessions the posing is 99% candid. I will place you both into a flattering position and either prompt one of you to say something silly to the other triggering a natural laugh or I'll just say "look at each other and smile". It's super easy and creates natural portraits that showcase you and your love.

There are 4 core poses that you will catch onto super quick:

-Belly button to belly button
-Hip to belly button
-Butt to belly (aka prom pose)
-Hip to hip 

These are the core poses that I will start with, then you further be directed with the positioning of your hands, head and feet. These same core poses apply to seated poses too. Below are some examples, you will see one core pose in each photo.

Of course there is so much more to posing than just knowing the 4 core poses. There are different angles, different little details like hand or head placement, etc. Knowing these 4 core poses will help you grasp the posing better and I will direct you into the final pose from there! =)


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